Paint Protection Film

What is PPF?

  • Paint Protection Film (PPF) was originally developed by the military in the 1960’s to protect helicopters from flying debris in combat.
  • PPF has since been developed into a high quality invisible film that can be applied to any new or used car.
  • The film protects the car by defending the body from stone chips, light scrapes and scratches and is highly effective at protecting the body of the car from light debris from spirited driving or track used.
  • The film has self healing properties due to its top layer being made of a polymer that can maintain its shape despite being stretched during application or damage. This technology can save your paintwork from being damaged by carpark scrapes, minor scuffs and even vandalism (such as key marks).

Why choose PPF?

  • PPF is much more cost effective than traditional paintwork repairs and can save large amounts of time and money when compared to the price and timescales of repairing/repainting damaged paintwork or scratched bumpers.
  • PPF will also maintain a vehicle’s factory paintwork without causing damage meaning that vehicles can retain their originality- especially important on prestige and performance vehicles. This aids in maintaining the overall value and heritage of the vehicle.
  • Overall PPF is a great solution to protect and extend the quality and lifespan of any vehicle’s paintwork.
  • PPF Configurator
  • Full Front End Kit

    Full bumper, full bonnet, full front wings, headlights and wing mirrors
    From £1500 + VAT

  • Extended Front End Kit

    Full bumper, full bonnet, full front wings, headlights, wing mirrors, lower side sills and A-pillars
    From £1995 + VAT

  • Complete Coverage Kit

    All external painted and carbon fibre lacquered panels
    From £3500 + VAT

  • Bespoke/Single Panel Application

    Designed for vehicles that only want a single panel (such as the front bumper) or various panels not included in our kits.
    From £200 + VAT

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