Major Paint Correction Detail

The Major Paint Correction Detail is the perfect package for those looking to chase perfection. A multi-stage correction process allows swirls, scratches, bird lime etches, sanding marks and other paintwork defects to be safely removed.

After 3/4 stages of paint correction, the Major Paint Correction Detail will achieve a 95%+ correction and is guaranteed to transform the vehicle’s paintwork to a higher standard than when it rolled off the factory line.

Sometimes where the risk of burning through the lacquer in areas with major defects or thin clear coat is too great, a 100% correction rate is not possible. However, using the correct techniques, deep scratches and marks can be visibly reduced without compromising the lacquer.

Full Process:


  • Vehicle pre-washed using non acidic citrus based cleaner to remove heavy dirt and other road grime
  • Wheels cleaned using non-acidic cleaner and hog hair brushes to alleviate dirt from the spokes and barrel of the wheel
  • The vehicle is washed using a PH neutral shampoo using a twin guard bucket system to prevent any dirt being transferred onto the car from the lambswool wash mitt.
  • Wheel arches, petrol cap, door shuts and lower areas of the vehicle are flushed and cleaned (where accessible)
  • The vehicle is hand dried using deep pile microfibre towels to safely dry the vehicle
  • Trim, wheels and wing mirrors are blown dry using filtered air, eliminating water traps and streaks.
  • Road tar, glue and other deposits removed safely using chemicals
  • Remaining bonded contaminants are removed using a clay bar to leave a smooth, bare finish
  • Vehicle is re-washed after correction stage to remove all the polishing dust, and blown dry to eliminate contact with the vehicle.

Paint Correction:

  • Delicate areas and trim taped up to protect from machine polishing
  • A two to three cutting stage correction process is carried out to remove 95%+ of swirls, scratches and other surface defects
  • A final refining stage is carried out to refine the paintwork finish, bringing clarity back to the paintwork leaving a flawless finish.
  • All light clusters are treated and protected
  • Exhausts, grilles and badges are treated and protected (where applicable)

Protection – cleansing and sealant/wax:

  • The paintwork is treated to a non abrasive pre-wax oil to help with the adhesion of the wax.
  • The paintwork is then treated to a Swissvax specific high grade carnauba wax, ensuring a durable layer of protection. We’ll talk you through our range of waxes upon inspection of the vehicle.


  • Carpets are vacuumed
  • Interior trim and surfaces are removed of any grime, dirt and bacteria using interior specific cleaners that are safe on all surfaces.
  • Interior windows cleaned using a high alcohol content specific glass cleaner

Final Details:

  • Tyres are dressed
  • Exterior trim and other plastics (where applicable) are dressed
  • Exterior windows cleaned using a high alcohol content specific glass cleaner

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