Maintenance Wash

(For our detailing clients only). The Maintenance Wash is a crucial part of keeping your vehicle in a highly presentable condition. The 21+ stage safe wash process is carried out using high grade safe products, methods and tools to minimise any damage, swirls or other surface defects that a regular wash process causes. The Maintenance Wash is an excellent package for those wanting to keep their vehicles clean without compromising the condition of the paintwork (such as hand car wash or machine wash damage) or for those that have recently had their vehicle detailed to maintain the longevity of the protective layers and defect free paintwork.

Unbeknown to many, hand car wash and machine wash facilities cause serious damage to a vehicle over time. These facilities use harsh chemicals to quickly remove road grime, however these chemicals also cause damage to brightwork and strips off any protective layers that the vehicle’s paintwork previously had. The wash process is generally inadequate and unsafe for vehicles, using dirty wash buckets and sponges (from the last several vehicles they washed) which unfortunately cause unsightly swill marks, marring and other paint defects. Over time the use of hand car washes affects the clarity of the paintwork, condition of the brightwork, and other damage from harsh chemicals leaving a vehicle not looking its best.

A Professional safe wash takes around two hours, rather than five minutes, using safe methods and chemicals to minimise swirling.

Full Process:


  • Vehicle pre-washed using non acidic citrus based cleaner to remove heavy dirt and other road grime
  • Wheels cleaned using non-acidic cleaner and hog hair brushes to alleviate dirt from the spokes and barrel of the wheel
  • The vehicle is washed using a PH neutral shampoo using a twin guard bucket system to prevent any dirt being transferred onto the car from the lambswool wash mitt.
  • Wheel arches, petrol cap, door shuts and lower areas of the vehicle are flushed and cleaned (where accessible)
  • The vehicle is hand dried using deep pile microfibre towels to safely dry the vehicle
  • Trim, wheels and wing mirrors are blown dry using filtered air, eliminating water traps and streaks.
  • Tyres are dressed
  • Exterior windows cleaned using a high alcohol content specific glass cleaner


  • Carpets are vacuumed
  • Interior trim and surfaces are removed of any grime, dirt and bacteria using interior specific cleaners that are safe on all surfaces.

From: £40.00

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