Bolt-on upgrades

Recommended upgrades (Can be chosen with any of the detailing packages):

From £195

Gyeon Ceramic coating

Gyeon produce state of the art ceramic coatings that offer signifiant levels of gloss, protection and durability.

Gyeon MOHS/Pure provides all-round protection as well as great hydrophobic properties making it very easy to wash and look after! (18 -24 months durability under normal driving conditions)

From £265

Gyeon Ceramic coating

Gyeon Duraflex/MOHS+ are a highly exclusive, accredited only Gyeon 2 layer ceramic coating. It provides 5 years of protection, backed by manufacturers warranty. The first coat is a thick base providing excellent durability and protection. The top coat (2+ year durability) is a super slick, hydrophobic coating giving you the intense gloss and fantastic water behaviour.

This package also includes front face wheel ceramic coatings and trim coatings (valued at £110+ separately)

From £55.00 (rim faces only)

Wheel Ceramic Coating

Similar to paintwork ceramic coating, once cured this high temperature ceramic coating forms a crystal hard coating on the wheels that will repel brake dust and contaminants keeping the wheels looking brand new for 1-2 years.

- Rim faces only – (Protects rim face) - From £55.00

- Wheels off – full coating – (wheel arch cleaned, dressed (protected) and brake callipers ceramic coated included) - From £195.00

From £60

Convertible hood deep cleanse and protection

This includes a thorough deep clean of the fabric roof, followed by a coating of fabric guard which will help to repel dirt, and give the roof hydrophobic properties.

From £45

Engine Bay Detail

A thorough cleanse of the engine bay followed by a dressing on all trims (where applicable) to protect and preserve the engine bay.

From £85

Leather Seat Protection

A complete interior protection package covers every aspect of the interior. Leather seats are coating with a 12 month leather guard, as well as all other leather trim (where applicable). Carpets are protected using a highly durable fabric guard and door cards are also protected.

From £95

Interior deep cleanse

This includes the leather seats and other leather areas being shampoo’d and deep cleaned to remove ingrained dirt and grime. Carpets are wet vacuumed and all surfaces are dusted using an array of crevice tools to reach all areas of the interior.