What is paint protection film (PPF)?
Paint Protection Film is a virtually invisible urethane film. It protects the vehicle's paint from unsightly damage such as stone chips, scrapes and light scuffs. It is backed by a 10 year manufacturers warranty for peace of mind.
How often does the paint protection film install take?
We’d like the car for around 5-6 days. This includes preparing the car, paint correction (if chosen), PPF application, curing and checking before handing the vehicle back.
How does the self healing work on my PPF?
When exposed to heat (such as the sun or hot water), the enhanced clear coat properties fuse together and eliminate fine scratches and swirl marks.
How do I wash my car after PPF has been installed?
We provide all vehicles with a handover pack the includes a wash guide, but we recommend hand washing only by yourself. Avoid using hand car washes or machine washes.
Once PPF has been installed, when should I bring my car back?
We like to see the car within the first month of application to make sure all the edges have cured properly. As PPF is applied wet, sometimes edges may lift in the first 4 weeks whilst it is still curing. We will then sign it off and you may come back at any time in the future should you have any concerns or looking for maintenance work.
Can I take my PPF’d car to a car wash?
Extremely harsh chemicals, dirty water and aggressive was methods used by hand car washes and machine may damage the PPF or the powerful jetwash may lift the edges of the film. PPF warranty will be void if a car wash is used.
Can you apply a ceramic coating to PPF?
Yes! A ceramic coating will help protect the PPF against the environment as well as make the wash process much easier. This is a popular option.
Do I get any warranty with the PPF?
We use XPEL PPF which carries a 10 year warranty against yellowing and staining.


What is detailing?
Detailing is the process of cleaning, polishing and protecting all aspects of a vehicle in order to restore the vehicle to a standard of cleanliness often better than showroom condition
My car is brand new, why does it need detailing?
Factory induced sanding marks, transportation scratches, outdoor storage and PDI damage are all common types of damage that we see on new cars. Swirl marks, sanding marks, bird etchings and light scratches are present even on a new car.
What causes swirl marks?
Swirl marks are caused by improper washing. Hand car washes, machine washes and dirty sponges, drying ‘leathers’ and aggressive products are just a few to name.
How long does detailing take?
This depends on the package and add-ons chosen. Our detailing process takes anywhere from 15 to 100+ hours.
Will a ceramic coating stop stone chips ?
A ceramic coating gives the paintwork protection against the environment such as UV damage, bird lime and acid raid. It does not provide any physical protection against chips. See our PPF options for stone chip protection
Can I take my detailed car to a car wash?
Extremely harsh chemicals, dirty water and aggressive was methods used by hand car washes and machine washes will damage the detailed paintwork, diminish coating properties and void any ceramic coating warranties
How long does detailing last?
Once paint correction has been carried out, providing it has been maintained properly, it should not need correcting to the same level again. Ceramic coatings have different lifespans from 2 to 5 years depending on which you choose.
Once detailed how often do I need to bring my car back?
You can bring your car back to us for a maintenance wash as many times as you desire. As a minimum we would like to see the car every 6 months to check the coatings, make sure it has been washed correctly and decontaminate the car from any tar or brake dust
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