About Us

Attention to Detail (ATD) was started through a passion for cars and a desire to see all vehicles presented and cared for like they should. Based in East Yorkshire, ATD provides the utmost care for vehicles across the country.

Our name stands for ‘attention to detail’ and this is exactly what we pride ourselves on, allowing us to satisfy every one of our discerning clients.

All work is carried out in our secure and discreet state-of-the-art facility, complete with the latest professional tools, car lifts, CCTV and monitored alarms. We are fully insured for all work carried out.

We are the only Gyeon Quartz certified detailer in East Yorkshire; one of just a few in the UK. We pride ourselves on this highly exclusive accolade, with the founder, Harry being the youngest Gyeon certified detailer in the world.

For more information on Gyeon, visit their website : www.gyeonquartz.com/

What is detailing?

This is a question we often get asked!

Detailing is the process of meticulously cleansing, polishing and protecting all aspects of a vehicle in order to restore and enhance its appearance.

Improper washing techniques and unsafe chemicals can inflict all kinds of damage on a vehicle’s paintwork, including unsightly swirl marks which reflect in light, creating a ‘cobweb’ effect.

Correcting the paintwork to remove swirling, wash marring and other defects is a key part of the detailing process. After many hours – sometimes even days – of correcting the paintwork using professional tools, products and techniques, the paintwork can be restored and enhanced leaving a defect-free and high-clarity finish.

Detailed and well-maintained vehicles generally hold their value better than other vehicles, and detailing can significantly boost the value of a vehicle that has been neglected over time.